Submission Requirements

  • 6,000 word limit.
  • Submissions must be written in English.
  • All submissions must be in pdf format, and file size may not exceed 4MB.
  • For stories and screenplays please use 1 inch margins, a legible 12-point font, single column format, and single line spacing. Comic submissions should adhere to an 8.5 x 11 size format.
  • Your submission must directly relate to one or more of the seven topics described in the Tomorrow Project Seattle videos.
  • Content must be original and written for the Tomorrow Project Seattle.
  • Previously published work will not be accepted.
Please also read the legal statement and make sure you agree to the terms of the project before you submit.

***If a submission does not adhere to all the above guidelines it will not be reviewed by the editorial board and will not be considered for publication.***